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mobile legends-Summer Party event:7/21 to 8/4 two-week

1. New mode: SUMMER PARTY

In this summer heat, why not head to the pool for some fun? In the game, we will be rolling out a brand new game mode - Summer Party. So put on your swimsuit, taste the tropical fruits, come and cool down! 

    a. Starting time: month of July. Exact time will be notified separate in-game

    b. Game mode intro

        - Aim: Compete by collecting as many fruits on the map as possible, with the ultimate goal of destroying the big yellow duck at enemy base!

        - Number of participants: 5 players per team

        - Special feature: in this mode, basic attributes for all heroes are significantly increased;

users can obtain fruits by killing special minions, special monsters or enemy heroes in the jungle or river areas;

Fruits can give players additional attributes or effects, different effects can be stacked up, allowing you to suppress your enemies with ease."

    c. Game map: Summer beach map. We have given the map scenary a summer beach feel, and changed the looks of all jungle monsters and minions on the map. There is also the cutest big yellow duck base and ice cream turrets protecting your team, so we hope that you guys can have lots of fun with this mode.

    d. Items effects:

        - Honey melon: increase movement speed

        - Banana: Ressurect with full HP and mana after being killed

        - Dragon fruit: self explodes after dying, dealing damage to the nearest enemy hero

        - Mango: continuously regenerates HP and mana

        - Chilli: significantly increase attack speed and chance to get a crit hit

        - Pineapple: significantly decrease cooldown time

        - Watermelon: hero will increase in size, all attributes will increase

        - Grapes: Become invisible, will reappear after finished attacking

        - Mystery? Item: Randomly become smaller, become a duck or increase gold output

        - Gold: Continuously receive a certain amount of gold"

    e. added 3 new achievements: Stuff Your Face, Explosive Expert, Wolving it Down. You can complete these in the new Summer Party mode.


2. Summer Party log-in data sharing event: Users who log in after 2017/2/1 and reaches level 9 or above before 2017/7/12, can view their personal game data during server time 2017/2/1 00:00:00 to 2017/7/11 23:59:59! You can also share your personal scores to FB/VK

Moreover, you can also win summer items as prizes, which can be used in later redeem events to exchange for even greater prizes (sharing prizes can only be won once)!

3. Recently we noticed that certain top division users have been exploiting our Nationality Change CD function, to flip between different nationalities and illegally join in other countries' Arena Contest, resulting in a negative impact to our game.

Therefore, we will be changing this function into a must-use item: Nationality Change Card, priced at 1000 Diamonds, with a CD period of 2 months. We will be awarding all existing users with a Nationality Change Card via email, and also encourage you to report to us any users breaking the rules, so that we can adequately punish those illegal users.

4. Summer Party themed log-in screen updated

5. Competition News page now online

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