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"Call me official" mobile game is a court-developed mobile game, the official scene is surging, the faction is standing, the first entry into the official way is to become an obscure nine-piece sesame official, or to enjoy the right to the world, to enjoy the beauty of the world of the regent ? The king is defeated, either ruling others or being ruled by others.
Gameplay skills
1 Regarding marriage, many people should not rush to find three wives and four beggars, so the body will not be able to eat. First, give birth to a child to have a bunch of silly children. We see that the child’s attributes are related to the mother’s intimacy, so it is recommended to first bring the big wife. Righteousness, go to the small wife after the intimacy goes up. So don't rush to find a wife to find. [2] 
2About attribute Dan, the targeted attribute Dan gives good ability and high-quality door-to-door (such as Wu Lidan you give high qualifications to force), random Dan's words to the high-qualified, concentrated eating, scattered can not be drawn. (Recommendation, force is very important, and the power consumption of copies, tricks, and crossings has a lot to do with force.)
3 Regarding the forces, all the attributes of the doorkeepers are added up, and then the skills in the red-faced system and the attributes of the big man are counted (so the marriage force between the stupid son and the silly daughter is also counted, so it is necessary to give birth to excellent students)
4 about attributes,
Armed Forces - an important attribute in the level of fighting, the higher the force, the better the level will be played;
The level of intelligence-intellectuality determines the amount of silver that is acquired by the business;
The level of political-political attributes determines the amount of food obtained from the operation of agricultural products;
Charisma-attractive attributes are the number of soldiers who influence the recruitment of soldiers;
5 door qualifications and attributes (training must see)
The level of different door qualifications distinguishes the difference between the door and the door. The higher the qualification, the more attributes the door has to upgrade. PS: The reel has money to play with, no money, less fortunate, avoid. [2] 
6 Regarding the debate on the Tuen Mun, it is necessary to open the door for 15 people. It depends on how you cultivated the door. Oh, I have to mention a problem that is easy to ignore. I remember that the key visitors go to the book to read the book skills. Unexpected gains.
7About the copy, please remember to play the order can be adjusted, do not mean to see the war, Tian Ji horses have read it, first weak and strong. At present, I have experienced "Bai Ge Ge Er Egg" and "Mongolian Invaders". The order of appearance is good, especially in the invasion of Mongolian soldiers. Of course, Ge Er egg is weak and strong, maybe you can grab the last one and win. Ge Er egg head
Rapidly increase the power: it is to train the seed players vigorously, and other visitors should also be exposed to the rain and dew, so that the comprehensive attributes will rise and the forces will rise.